There’s more to good design than meets the eye

Beneath the exquisite and graceful façade lie the structure and systems that ensure yacht’s smooth and trouble-free operation. And while it’s the yacht’s exterior that inevitably makes the first impression, it’s often the reliability and seemingly effortless operation of yacht’s quiet comforts – such as the silent air-conditioning system and the heated Jacuzzi – that make the most lasting one.

4. Vripack - Engineering - 2

It’s relatively easy to design a six-person elevator, but one needs much more than design skills to ensure the outcome of the design satisfies all operational, safety and fire requirements, and that it ascends and descends with quiet precision within the elevator pit. This is where engineering reveals its necessity and value.

Engineering is at the heart of all of the studio’s designs. It ensures that the technical aspects of its designs meet all industry standards, and that the designs are feasible, capable of being realised within budget, and that, once realized, will be easy to maintain. The involvement of the studio’s engineers from the very start of each commission is one of the reasons Vripack’s yacht are a class apart.

Vripack’s Engineering’s Expertise

It is therefore not surprising that Vripack is acknowledged within the superyacht industry as the go-to team for builders seeking precisely measured and well-engineered vessel structures, hull plates, piping systems and interiors. Vripack’s engineering expertise has been instrumental in the successful realisation of yachts by every yacht-building outfit in the Netherlands, and by almost all of the international ones. Working with so many of the world’s leading yacht-builders deepens the studio’s knowledge of the practicalities of shipbuilding and extends its edge in the industry.

3D modelling

Advances in computing technology, both in terms of the sophistication of systems and the massive increase in computing power, have made it possible for the studio to model a yacht’s entire structure and all of its systems in three dimensions (otherwise known as 3D modelling). This allows the team to evaluate every aspect of a yacht’s design in virtual and augmented reality, and in fact ‘build’ each yacht in its entirety, before the physical process of building begins. This ‘first creation’ allows them to get it ‘right the first time’ every time, and issue the shipyard with detailed instructions.

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