There’s more to good design than meets the eye

Beneath a yacht’s exterior lie the structure and piping systems that ensure a boat’s smooth and trouble-free operation. While first impressions count, it’s the reliability of effortless operations that make lasting ones. The silent air-conditioning system and the heated Jacuzzi – these are the onboard comforts that create a memorable experience.

4. Vripack - Engineering - 2

It’s relatively easy to design a six-person elevator, but it requires engineering expertise to guarantee its operational success. And engineering is at the heart of all of Vripack’s designs. It ensures the technical aspects meet all industry standards. That the designs are feasible. That the boat can be realized within the budget. And that once realized, will be easy to maintain. It’s because of the involvement of our engineers from the very start of each project that Vripack’s yachts are a class apart.


Vripack is widely acknowledged as the go-to design studio for shipbuilders requiring precision-engineered vessel structures. From hull plates and piping systems to interior design, Vripack delivers. Our engineering expertise has been instrumental in the successful realization of boats throughout the Netherlands, and globally. Working with world-leading shipbuilders deepens our design studio’s knowledge and sharpens our edge.


Advances in computing technology have transformed yacht design. They have made it possible to model a yacht’s entire structure and all of its systems in three dimensions (otherwise known as 3D modelling). This means we can evaluate every aspect of a yacht’s design in virtual reality. Better still, we can ‘build’ each yacht in its entirety before the physical process of building begins. This ‘first creation’ enables our engineers to get it right the first time, every time, before providing the shipyard with detailed instructions.

“M/Y Felix was refit under the direction of Vripack’s Design, Naval Architecture, and Engineering teams to the highest quality and accuracy. At sea, she is a solid, stable, and efficient yacht that maintains an accurate track as she cuts through heavy seas with ease. With the ever-present, ongoing service support from Vripack since the conversion, information has been a pleasure to acquire when in contact with their amazing team.”


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