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December 5, 2018

The Nordhavn 80. The power of partnership

On the one side is Vripack, an innovative yacht design studio whose empathetic creative philosophy is underpinned by its extensive naval architecture and engineering experience. On the other is Nordhavn, a leader in the construction of expedition yachts whose full-displacement designs are renowned for long-range cruising paired with comfort and ease.

Together, they demonstrate the power of partnership.

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Dutch studio Vripack’s design philosophy is informed by a creative, holistic, and collaborative approach. Its partnership with expedition stalwart Nordhavn sees the coming together of two legendary brands who, geographically-speaking are worlds apart, and yet have seamlessly joined forces. This is neatly exemplified by the Nordhavn 80 – the pairing’s first project. Far removed from Nordhavn’s classic nautical American interiors, Vripack has injected a heart-warming and homely Scandinavian chic environment.

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Muted woods and neutral tones are fused with accents of daffodil yellow and midnight blue hues in the sky lounge. The main salon is family-centric with a contemporary aesthetic at its core. Driven by a design language that is founded upon comfort, safety and luxury, the result is an expedition wolf swaddled in Hygge’s clothing.

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Vripack co-owner, Bart M. Bouwhuis, comments: “Nordhavn’s DNA embodies a design philosophy that is a perfect match with our ethos; making owners feel at home at sea, that is why we connect so well. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with new and exciting projects and virtually no limits on what we can accomplish together in the near future.”

Vripack’s designs are renowned for providing owners with a truly enriching experience on the water. When paired with Nordhavn’s strong, rugged build expertise, it’s clear that expedition yachting has found a new home.

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