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Together we are ready for a new wave

New ideas are the life blood of any design studio. So too is facing fresh challenges head-on and working together to find effective solutions. The bigger the problem, the longer the journey, but the focus remains the same. How can we improve on this?

    A new wave is coming. Are you ready?

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    World Oceans Day 2021

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    "We don’t need to wait for yacht owners to request sustainable design. For us, creating something that looks beautiful, performs flawlessly and leaves minimum ecological impact is always in the forefront of our mind".

    Vripack Team

    Vripack - yacht design - interior design - focus on sustainability - environmental friendly materials - holistic design


    Creative, unconventional, holistic design has long been embedded in the Vripack DNA.

    But intrinsic to this is a studio-wide spotlight on sustainability. The need for a more environmentally conscious world has arrived. The moment has come to alter how we live. But it’s not about a moral sacrifice, or a political agenda, or a philanthropic cause.

    Sustainability has to be regarded as a design challenge.

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