Mrs. D

Vripack - Yacht design - Black and white detail of the exterior - Mrs. D family boat

A floating home for friends & family

Mrs. D

Following a complimentary tour of the Vripack studio, the client’s visit at the start of a new project usually commences with the creating of a design brief. If the client is a couple, the man will typically emphasize the functional requirements like

  • the average number of guests per trip
  • the desired speed and range capacity
  • the need for lounge areas
  • the accommodation of sporting activities

The lady, on the other hand, will usually emphasize the details of the various living quarters, the galley, the staff needs, color schemes and the overall desired ambiance. In other words, more the e-Q requirements. The one thing husband and wife always describe in similar terms are the voyages they plan to make with friends and family.


Mrs. D envisaged communal ocean voyages, the experience of which would enrich the couple’s relationships. Renowned for building yachts that offer comfort and safety on the Seven Seas, Vripack decided to fulfill the brief with a design based on their well-proven Doggersbank Offshore line. Above all, the concept featured an interior layout that offered occupants end-to-end visibility. The centrally located spiral staircase made navigating the interior a breeze, and the technical areas were designed to suit long stretches at sea, with plenty of space to move about.


Vripack - Mrs D - Interior Design - Subtle nautical theme

‘Mrs. D is a very, very safe, Dutch-built and Dutch-designed yacht of exceptional quality. There are few boats of her size that can travel so far.’


Vripack - Mrs D - Eye for every detail - Interior Design - Wood

To ensure the couple would instantly feel at home in their new seagoing environment, the interior was given just a subtle nautical theme with a welcoming and contemporary twist. Eschewing unnecessarily elaborate furniture also allowed the interior to present itself with a degree of clarity that accentuated the décor’s finer details for the client’s appreciation. An appreciation further facilitated by the admission of abundant natural light. Examples of such details are quarter-sawn teak moldings abutting and complementing the marble countertop, and a milled gap that casts a playful shadow across the cabinet doors.


The master stateroom is situated midship on the lower deck, far from the arbitrary choice of location. This, according to the naval architects’ calculations, is the most stable and thus most comfortable spot on a ship at sea. The children’s rooms are conveniently situated opposite the master stateroom. This lay-out is enabling the creation of one big private family room when parents and kids leave their doors open, just the thing for a morning slumber party or film night with popcorn. Finally, seeing no reason for Mrs. D to miss her care routines for the body and soul, the designers kitted out the yacht with a small gym and sauna.

The first Doggersbank was designed in 1968, but evolving with the zeitgeist inspired an exterior form sporting a huge elliptical swoop along the wheelhouse, a large bow cone, and a stern with curves that would make any lady proud.


‘To ensure the owners would quickly feel at home in their new seagoing environment, the interior was given a subtle nautical theme with a welcoming and contemporary twist’.



Current name Mrs. D
Design number 6306
Year of built 2013
Length 30.18 m
Beam 7.15 m
Draft 2.22 m
Design Vripack
Naval Architecture Vripack
Engineering Vripack
Interior Design Vripack
Ship Yard Moonen Yachts
Type of vessel Displacement Motor Yacht
Hull type Grade A
Material Steel / Aluminum
Classification Lloyds + MCA
Engine 2x Caterpillar C18
Speed (cruising/max) 12 / 13 knots
Fuel capacity 36,500 liters
Freshwater capacity 8,250 liters
Grey / black water capacity 4,598 liters
Owner & Guest 6 persons
Crew 3 persons

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