VRIPACK, the naval architects from the Netherlands, have perfectly combined elegance and design with the feeling of being at home.

The shape and colour of the boat are exceptional and harmonize with the interior design. It has been utilized so optimally that one feels like being on a 35-meter yacht rather than a 26-meter boat. 70% of marinas in the Mediterranean offer berths up to a maximum of 30 meters. That’s where the Rock fits perfectly. However, the boat does not rely on a berth. We also spend a lot of time at anchor in a bay and don’t need to forego any amenities there, so we can operate completely autonomously and independently of marinas – an explorer, so to speak!

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“The search was for a boat that was neither too big nor too small - a boat on which one can spend 6-8 months a year. In other words, a home on the sea.”

Mark & Joana, Switzerland, Owner MY ROCK


We have built the boat to a very high technical standard – the owner is an engineer and enjoys technology, wanting to be involved in the daily life of the ship. In his role as captain with three additional crew members, this works well and is also enjoyable. We have always been quickly and competently supported by the shipyard when it comes to technical issues and questions about the boat. We are now in the fifth season. With a total of 16,000 nautical miles travelled so far, that’s about 4,000 nautical miles per year. We have experienced every kind of weather and have never felt unsafe even in 70 knots of wind and 4-meter-high waves. Lady ROCK provides us with stability and keeps our everyday life alive and exciting, it affects us in a certain way. This is what we were looking for and have achieved! Take a look at www.myrock.ch, where we describe our travel style in a few words.

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