Central to Vripack’s exterior design philosophy is a desire to create elegant and comfortable yachts that enrich the lives of their owners.

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Exterior Yacht Design

We ensure that our clients and their guests feel at home at sea

Our focus is to work on yachts over 50 meters, but we apply the same level of intelligence and diligence to smaller vessels. Our aim is to exceed every client’s expectations. We want to make the process as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible because of the unique value we add. Our go-anywhere yachts offer the possibility to undertake voyages that are immersive, adventurous, and authentic.

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Built to last, designed for living

Sketched by an informed hand and mind, Vripack’s exterior lines combine purpose with beauty. They are designs that are underpinned by safety and security, and yet explore the depths of creativity. Vripack approaches each project with a renewed ingenuity, and with collaboration at the fore. Always pushing the boundaries of innovation to produce dynamic vessels that respond to the owner’s needs and preferences.


Central to Vripack’s exterior design philosophy is a desire to create elegant and comfortable yachts that enrich the lives of their owners. Artistically drawing seamless parallels with a yacht’s interior styling, Vripack exteriors are characterized by a fluidity that invites the outside in. Paired with a holistic design philosophy, the result is durable designs that lead to adventures of a lifetime.

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Space is at an optimum. Engineering is cutting edge. Exterior lines are clean, sharp, and ambitious. The skill is to conceive a seafaring vessel that is unencumbered by range, location, or size, but is unique in character, shape, and appearance. Vripack’s sweet spot is exactly that. Anchored by six decades of naval architecture expertise, the studio team has perfected the ability to strike the right balance between beauty and function, proportion and performance.


Just as every owner has a vision they wish to aspire to, every Vripack vessel has emotional appeal. This tangible link between exploration and comfort is built upon to create a design that is intrinsically personal and sensory, yet capable and efficient. Renowned for creating rugged, durable designs that boast a ‘go-anywhere’ mentality and yet are alluring and striking in aesthetic and tone, there is no limit to Vripack’s desire to achieve the ultimate expression in exterior design. A home from home on the water that is safe, serene, and seaworthy. From compact day boats and family motor yachts to innovative sailing vessels and eco ferries, the possibilities are endless.

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