Design Philosophy

It’s second nature for the team members to consider all the elements in concert so that the interaction becomes seamless.

Vripack’s yachts appeal to the heart, mind, and senses in equal measure, offer light-filled, elegant, and comfortable spaces. To ensure their owners, and guests and crew, feel at home at sea.

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A playful interaction of beauty & function, intuition & intelligence, and balance & performance

Vripack’s design philosophy is informed by a creative, holistic, and collaborative approach that enables it to conceive yachts. Yachts that offer their owners the most enriching experience possible on the water. Allowing them to immerse themselves in this experience with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you enjoy unparalleled levels of safety, comfort, and security.


The studio is fortunate in that it tends to attract clients whose open-mindedness, ambition, and sense of adventure support the team’s desire to keep pushing the borders and raising the bar in its pursuit of excellence. As a result, it’s able to deliver yachts that not only reflect its clients’ specific needs and aspirations but also set benchmarks in the market.


And while it is guided each time by the same design philosophy, each yacht that emerges from the studio is fully personsalised and unique.  Because each of our clients is unique. Before sketching a single line, the team spends as much time as is needed to familiarise itself with the client. Asking questions, listening intently, and learning as much as it can about the client’s lifestyle and planned cruises.

Everything the team does revolves around the client. They will be sailing out to sea on the team’s designs, manning ship in all kinds of weather conditions. Furtermore, often sailing so far out that the reassurance of safety becomes paramount.


The studio’s approach is governed by a playful interaction of form and beauty, intuition and intelligence, and balance and performance. The trained eye looks in vain at, say, a spiral staircase on one of its yachts, for the divide between aesthetic beauty and function. The same applies to every aspect of its creations. It is second nature for the team members to consider all the elements in concert so that the interaction becomes seamless. Yet, this finely honed approach, along with the studio’s wealth of knowledge and experience, hasn’t narrowed its creative curiosity in any way.


If anything, it seems to drive its curiosity, allowing its team to venture far beyond its comfort zone to observe and learn from other great artists and engineers. And because of the studio’s accumulated wealth of experience, its open-mindedness, its curiosity, and its holistic approach, it is able to easily incorporate all the insights it gleans and techniques it observes into what it does in a continuous process of enrichment that manifests itself in the perfectly balanced yachts that have made its name.

Vripack’s yachts appeal to the heart, mind, and senses in equal measure, offer light-filled, elegant, and comfortable spaces, and ensure their owners, and their guests and crew, feel at home at sea.

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Integrated teams create better designs with greater efficiency

When one observes Vripack’s team putting together one of the highly complex vessels it is known for, you realize quite quickly that the key factor in the studio’s success is its people. The Vripack Team with all their passion and enthusiasm for the craft of yacht-building, and their comprehensive and shared understanding of the craft.

And from the minute you arrive to the moment of your reluctant departure, you find yourself caught up in the team’s infectious energy, but also immersed in a world whose every detail suggests the shared understanding of a coherent and comprehensive vision.


Each project involves a multi-disciplinary team that is brought together specifically for that project from the day of commission. In practice, it means that while a designer is shaping a staircase, for instance, an engineer will be calculating the factors required to make it structurally feasible within budget; and while a naval architect is drafting the curve of the hull at the point where it meets the waterline, a designer will already be contemplating the interior layout that might best suit the other side of the curve. And every aspect of this symbiotic and overlapping process is informed by a shared understanding of what is technically possible.


This melding of creativity, technical knowledge, and experience, not to mention passion and enthusiasm, is continuous, rigorous, and seamless, and it is compelling to behold. The tight integration of disciplines in service of a holistic approach allows the team to think laterally every step of the way, the result of which is much richer ideas and better designs, achieved with greater efficiency.


New Wave

New Wave

“After every breaking wave is a moment of silence.
In this moment, you don’t know how, you don’t know when,
But you know a new wave is coming.”

“Our new wave is coming
The question is; are you ready?”

Catch here to learn how Vripack is using creative yacht design to drive sustainability forward. Ride with us on our new wave to spotlight innovative creativity. Dive beneath the breakers to discover a more efficient approach to naval architecture. Vripack has a responsibility to present owners with more sustainable options and to encourage them to adopt hem. Because sustainability can’t be like some sort of a moral sacrifice or a political dilemma or a philanthropical cause. It has to be treated as a design challenge.