VriThink’s Night Out 2023

An Evening of Innovation

The philosophy behind VriThink – Vripack’s open trend platform – is to respond to, and engage with, a new generation of yacht owners and their hunger for innovative design. Driven by a desire to revolutionise life on board, it successfully sparks debate by challenging the norm and harnessing change. Fuelled by an appetite for avant-garde design and smart technology, Vripack has carved out a name for itself as always being at the leading edge of the trend curve, exemplified by this year’s dynamic line-up.

VriThink’s Night Out is an extension of this philosophy, one that gives a voice to expert speakers who shine a light on fresh approaches and exciting collaborations. A line up of eight speakers will each be given five minutes in which to deliver 20 slides of their choosing, with 20 seconds attributed to each slide. Fast-paced and dynamic, it elevates the more traditional mode of presenting and transforms it into a wholly exhilarating and fun experience. Same industry, different approach.

Testimonials from Vrithink 2023


Lovely night, Many thanks

Brian Valzania



Thanks for hosting us Tuesday night at METS – it’s the first time I made it to the event and I have to say how much I enjoyed it, truly thought provoking and highly engaging.

James Austin, CEO, NTG Mast Group



Many thanks for a great night! Superbly well organised in a great venue with fantastic performances. Well done and look forward to Vripack 2024.

Rudy Jurg



Thank you for this year’s edition of Vripacks night out, it was a great kick-off to METS.

Malin Strom, Baltic Yachts

Speakers of Vrithink’s night out 2023