Vripack is a design studio, made strong through its extensive naval architecture and engineering experience

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Vripack is a design studio, made strong through its extensive naval architecture and engineering experience.

Beneath a yacht’s exterior lie the structure and systems that ensure a boat’s smooth and trouble-free operation. First impressions count, but it’s the reliability of lasting ones that matter. The silent air-conditioning, the heated Jacuzzi, the stability at night in gale force winds – these are the onboard comforts that create a memorable experience.

Vripack - California 52' - Waterdream - Technical Drawings by Vripack - Van Der Valk Shipyard

Modelling Comfort

There’s more to good design than meets the eye.

It’s relatively easy to design a six-person elevator, but it requires engineering expertise to guarantee its operational success. In the same vein, Vripack’s naval architecture underpins the science behind a boat’s safety and performance. It informs all major design and engineering decisions, from the fuel capacity to the size of the rudders. If engineering ensures a boat’s technical aspects meet industry standards, naval architecture guarantees the designs are feasible, within budget and easy to maintain.


It’s because of this holistic approach, whereby our engineers, naval architects and designers work together from the start of each project, that Vripack’s accomplished, seaworthy yachts are a class apart.


When shipbuilders require precision-engineered vessels, they turn to Vripack. They know that we spend hundreds of hours running multiple versions of highly complex calculations. They rely on our use of world-class computational fluid dynamics software to optimise every inch of the hull. Working with world-leading shipbuilders deepens our design studio’s expertise and sharpens our edge. But they choose to work with Vripack because our degree of precision is exact.


The advances made in computing technology have transformed yacht design. By modelling a yacht’s systems and entire structure in 3D, we can evaluate every aspect of a yacht’s design in virtual reality. Better still, we can ‘build’ each yacht in its entirety before the physical construction begins, so that our engineers get it right the first time, every time.



Our naval architects are involved in the design process from the initial briefing right through to the final sea trial, and beyond. They are responsible for internally monitoring the vessel’s structure, performance, regulatory compliance and shipyard requirements. This level of precision not only drives a vessel’s performance, it underpins our reputation for delivering safe and comfortable homes at sea.

“Turmoil steers remarkably well in bad weather and has a range of more than 7,000 miles, which is quite unusual for a boat this size”

MR. B. HARRISON, Former captain of Turmoil (now Pioneer) and the first who ever crossed the Northwest-Passage in a superyacht, a 100% Vripack design.

"M/Y Felix was refit under the direction of Vripack’s Design, Naval Architecture and Engineering teams to the highest quality and accuracy. At sea, she is a solid, stable and efficient yacht that maintains an accurate track as she cuts through heavy seas with ease. With the ever-present, ongoing service support from Vripack since the conversion, information has been a pleasure to acquire when in contact with their amazing team.”


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