Interior Yacht Design

Vripack combines its unparalleled experience in designing rugged, go-anywhere yachts with interiors of relaxed and personalised luxury.

With design and creativity at the heart of our work, Vripack is meticulous in its approach which presents our visionary owners ingenious and sophisticated yachts. We value the owner’s precious time on-board and we look to find ways to optimize their stay.

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The pursuit of excellence

A glance at even a handful of Vripack’s sketches, 3D models or computer renderings is enough to reveal evidence of an aesthetic rooted in the rich tradition of Dutch design. The studio’s ideas are characterized by experimental daring and original thought, boldness and understatement, playfulness, and an appreciation of light.

The ideas seem so self-evident, but their self-evidence conceals immeasurable expertise. For instance, the way natural light bathes the interiors of their yachts to create an ambient freshness that enhances their beauty is no coincidence; it requires a deep understanding of how to capture light and channel it to the best effect.


Vripack’s designers and engineers often spend hours in the studio library’s vast collection of sample materials, selecting the perfect wood, stone, leather, fabric, or paint for a specific feature. The team uses these materials, along with 3D renderings and Virtual Reality, to give its clients a clear sense of how their future seagoing home will look and feel. And just as we prioritize livability when contemplating a land-based home, so does Vripack when designing its yachts. Thus every aspect of a yacht’s layout — from the placement and proportions of the spaces and the relationships between them to the situation of stairs, service routes, and doors — must fit together coherently, and align with its owner’s needs and lifestyle.

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It is not uncommon to hear Vripack’s designers refer to a yacht’s exterior as its ‘dress’. The choice of metaphor isn’t merely due to the convention of using the feminine pronoun when referring to seagoing vessels. It has more to do with what a well-designed dress is and does, and what makes it well designed. The metaphor refers to the way a well-designed dress accentuates the form and beauty of its wearer without calling attention to the ingenuity of the construction that allows it to do so.


It is about finely judged proportions and shapes. And it is about novel design that incorporates a sense of timelessness. The curve of a yacht’s roof isn’t merely a beautiful flourish to please the eye. It is the result of hours of thought that not only ensures that the roof’s beauty is mirrored by its function, but also that for this particular yacht, the curve of the roof could not have been otherwise.


Excellence is, of course, a moving target, and an intangible goal. It remains forever on the horizon, which is precisely what makes it the perfect driving force for Vripack’s design ambitions. Because it ensures that they approach every decision, whether concerning the most challenging intellectual puzzle or the tiniest detail of a feature, with an uncompromising level of commitment and also that they never rest on their laurels, no matter how feted they are for their designs.

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