Interior design: the art of detail

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Interior design: the art of detail

Meticulous in our approach and sophisticated in our creativity with an unwavering eye for detail, Vripack addresses every interior yacht design project with an owner’s sense of pride and personalisation. Each phase is an exploration of discovery, moving from inspiration to realisation to final custom design. From the moment you select Vripack to design your yacht interior, the inventive adventure begins.



It all starts from a source of inspiration. The texture of a pure wool carpet. The dramatic striped grain of macassar ebony. The warmth of gold running through Calacatta Oro marble. A mood board is the opener, drawing on colours and finishes, evoking memories and feelings. It’s the essence of a yacht’s onboard ambience, from where all design roads spark creativity.


Next comes the hand-drawn sketch, which brings life to the page. It translates a vision from mind to paper and is fluid and evolving in its anticipation of the space. By drawing upon the draughtsman’s skill and design experience, a sketch sets the interior direction, gifting the client a first glimpse at the look and feel of their yacht.

Vripack Design - handmade sketches - interior design process - 3D sketch of the dining area

Here is where an interior begins to take on an identity. The art of design is in the detail, first imagined by hand, then defined in a rendering. It incorporates texture, finishes, reflection and shadow. It’s the realistic imagining of an interior space, portraying angles and curves in measured accuracy. Transitioned from rough sketch to detailed computer rendering, the design gradually comes to life.

Vripack Design - Detail sketching of the furniture - 3D sketches

Moving through the stages, from theory to practice, the mock-up is authentication of the design. What begins with drawings and sample selections soon becomes a physical creation. It’s the client’s opportunity to understand and validate the quality of craftsmanship and finishes. Where final materials are selected, and specifics are confirmed.

Mock-up of the furniture - Vripack design - materials choice - craftmanship

A knurled brass door handle to match your favourite bag. A personalised shade of turquoise linen to reflect your love of the sea. From the style of stitch in a leather trim to the height and slant of the master suite headboard, every piece of furniture, both large and small, is customised to a client’s individual preference. The attention to detail is unrivalled. The sense of creativity wholly bespoke.

Custom furniture - Creative Design - Vripack - Bespoke furniture

At the heart of a yacht interior is sophisticated ambient lighting. From the diffused lighting of a deep sunken spotlight to concealed lighting on window mullions to a dramatic bespoke chandelier in the aft salon. How a space is illuminated sets the tone, transitioning from warm morning hues through to a refined sundown setting.


Interior Design - Interior engineering - Technical details - Custom made chandelier

The big reveal. The moment of truth. A full visual rendering pulls all the details together, framing an interior in its entirety. The seating arrangement juxtaposed with the dining area, offering space and privacy. The flow of movement between bedroom and en suite, encouraging restful living. The reflection of a backlit onyx bar captured in the surface of a bespoke coffee table. It’s all presented as one in the final renderings.


The use of virtual reality – something that Vripack pioneered – is integral to yacht design. Look up, look down, rotate 360-degrees all around. It includes space planning, sight lines and the entire ergonomic layout. Virtual reality enables the fine-tuning of a turnkey design solution, revolutionising the flexibility of an interior project early on. Just as significant is the freedom it gifts a client to experience and approve all elements of the design without even leaving their home.


A sketch or computer rendering gives a flavour of the finished interior, but a fly-though video portrays a comprehensive design vision. The way each element relates to one another. The dynamism of the space. A fly-through provides an immersive and holistic representation, inside and out, with views from above giving a sense of the whole yacht, including how outdoor spaces relate to the interior design within.

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