Vripack - yacht concepts - Futura - Fossil-free yacht

July 21, 2020

Futura 66m virtual reality video

Press release | July 2020

Nature made Virtual

Vripack’s New Wave Continues



The sea is made up of individual waves that move at twice the speed of the group, but they are bound to each other by the energy that they all share. Dutch design studio Vripack operates in much the same way, united by in-house skills that showcase talent, vision, and ability. The focus for 66m fossil-free yacht concept Futura was to capture wildlife’s innate ability to freely propel through air and water and showcase naval architecture’s ability to mimic nature. But it has also shone a spotlight on Vripack’s innovative virtual reality techniques that give clients the freedom to explore without boundaries. It is a flexible approach to yacht design that allows creativity room to breathe, significantly reduces lead-times for owners, and makes real-time changes possible at the touch of a button.

“Clients want to be able to freely roam around their design and look at it from all directions in its natural habitat,” says Futura designer Robin de Vries, who adds that unlike 3D renderings, virtual reality software can highlight multifaceted elements of design detail. “The Futura video demonstrates the bow from all angles, the egg-shaped superstructure, the way light reflects off of the water and the interior’s ambiance and finish. We can easily switch between day and night modes, feel the boat’s connection to the water, and the overall effect is an accurate representation of the client’s yacht before construction begins.”

Futura; built with a biometric way of structuring, viewed through a virtual reality lens, powered by nature.