Dynamiq GTT 115 - Collaboration Vripack with Studio F.A. Porsche

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Vripack - Studio F.A. Porsche - Collaboration - GTT 115 Dynamiq - Detail exterior HYBRID - Exploring the sea - Porsche Design in a yacht

Porsche Design x Vripack: A meeting of minds

Porsche Dynamiq GTT 115

True collaboration is a meeting of minds to produce something outstanding. When Vripack came together with Studio F. A. Porsche to imagine the sculpted shape of the Dynamiq GTT 115, the result was a merging of talent, design disciplines, and shared respect for excellence.

Studio F. A. Porsche is renowned for its purist, functional design approach, but so too for its sporty lines and precision engineering. “Porsche was originally born from an engineering company, so we naturally have a lot of respect for engineers,” says Roland Heiler, Porsche Design’s chief design officer. “But we love those engineers who have respect for design as well.”

Similarly, Vripack is a yacht design studio founded upon its engineering and naval architectural platform. Forming a link between two separate design disciplines, a complementary connection between Studio F. A. Porsche’s exterior styling and Vripack’s 3D modeling, naval architecture and engineering came into fruition.


Vripack - Porsche - Collaboration - Dynamiq GTT 115.

‘Studio F. A. Porsche pushed the shaping of this boat beyond what other people have done on metal boats, because their knowledge on how to shape metal cars is so vast, and they’re so used to doing that in such great detail.'


Vripack - Porsche - Collaboration Dynamiq GT115 - Yacht Concept - Exterior deck eagle view.

The Dynamiq GTT 115 is one of several projects that Vripack and Studio F. A. Porsche have joined forces on. But averse to introducing clumsy automotive components into the mix, the design studio instead addressed areas where yacht design could benefit. “One of the criticisms that we as people with a car background have is that the treatment of the surfaces can look a little ‘unfinished’ with some boats,” explains Heiler. We tried to translate high quality surfaces into the yacht and Vripack was fantastic in translating this into a properly engineered yacht.”


Of course, at the heart of every successful collaboration lie creative differences, too. “There were many occasions when we proposed something the way we would like to see the design, and Vripack would counter with what is possible, what is difficult and what we should imagine changing,” says Heiler. “You could go around the whole boat and find corners and areas where these feasibility issues applied, but with the help of Vripack we were able to realise 90% of everything that we wanted.”

Hoekstra agrees, adding: “Our 3D modelling and engineering skills were pushed way beyond what we would do internally. Studio F. A. Porsche’s knowledge on detailed design for big objects is mind-boggling and something than no-one in the yachting industry has.”


‘To wholly benefit from each other’s knowledge-base and respected disciplines requires nothing short of a shared understanding of the fundamentals. I believe that within the DNA of both offices – Studio F. A. Porsche and Vripack – is a desire to create functional design. To pair design with engineering is a completely perfect match to our cradle, which is ‘form equals function’.'



Current name Dynamiq GT 115
Design number 7296
Length 35.00 M
Beam 7,10 M
Draft 1.40 M
Designer Studio F.A. Porsche
Naval Architect Vripack
Structural Engineering Vripack
Interior Design Studio F.A. Porsche
Yard Dynamiq Yachts
Type of vessel Fast displacement Motor Yacht
Hull type Round-bilge
Material Full aluminum
Classification RINA commercial, LY3 compliant
Engine 2x MAN V12-1650 1,213 kW @ 2300 rpm
Speed (cruising/max) 19 / 21 knots
Fuel capacity 24,000 liters
Freshwater capacity 4,000 liters
Owner & Guest 8 persons
Crew 6 persons

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