Vripack - yacht concepts - Utopia at sea - Yacht with zero footprint - Rendering of the exterior

The yacht without a ‘footprint’

Utopia at Sea

Inspired by the idea of Utopia at Sea as a highly desirable and problem-free place in the world, Vripack Yacht Design Studio held a brainstorming session to identify the most pressing environmental problems relating to yachts. A key one, the team concluded, was waste.

Although relatively modest in size, yachts nonetheless produce enough waste – both of the obvious physical sort and with respect to exhaust gasses – to be of concern. The mission was decided: design a yacht with an environmental footprint as harmless and as faint as that left by a human walking along a sandy beach.


Vripack - yacht concepts - Utopia at sea - Yacht with zero footprint

‘We’re entering a period of radical transformation in which technology has the potential to significantly raise the basic standards of every man, woman and child on the planet’.


Vripack - Sketches handmade - Yacht Concepts - Utopia at sea - Yacht with zero footprint

With respect to waste, being on board a yacht is little different from being on land, in that the sources are mostly the same: human, discarded food, and packaging. Thus, an on-board incinerator was one idea. However, like a yacht engine, an incinerator would produce CO2.


The team members pondered this unit one day, on a trend walk for VriThink, the studio’s idea platform, they stumbled on a nature-inspired air purifier that separates oxygen from carbon. Carbon is a common element of a all known life, and oxygen is life itself. Research and prototyping followed, and soon the concept of Utopia at Sea was born, complete with on-board park and clean air.


‘We connected our award winning diesel-electric propulsion system to 4 nature-inspired air purifying units and visibly attached the entire system to an on-board park providing it with clean air. All being monitored from an on-board control room allowing researchers to observe its operations, while visitors engage with the park and its connection with technology.’



Current name Utopia at Sea
Type of vessel Displacement Motor Yacht
Design number 7359
Length 88.00 M
Beam 14.20 M
Draft 8.80 M
Designer Vripack
Naval Architect Vripack
Structural Engineering Vripack
Mechanical Engineering Vripack
Interior Design Vripack
Interior Engineering Vripack
Hull type Displacement
Material Steel
Classification Lloyds 100A1 SSC, G6 YACHT MONO LMC, UMS
Engine CATERPILLAR 3516 (2x) + CATERPILLAR C32 (2x)
Speed (cruising/max) 12.5 / 16 knots
Fuel capacity 200,000 liters
Fresh water capacity  80,000 liters
Grey / black water capacity t.b.d.
Owner & Guest 15 persons
Crew 14 persons

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