August 30, 2023

Project Zero

Fossil free yacht makes first splash

Over three years ago, the basis for a unique concept was laid by Foundation⁰ – the build of a completely fossil free sailing yacht. Project Zero, as the initiative is known, seeks to unlock new zero-emission energy sources, rethinking fundamental issues regarding energy harvesting, savings, storage and energy management on the path to develop a new standard for marine travelling. Commissioned by Foundation Zero, a team of renowned industry experts has assembled to bring this project to life, including Dykstra Naval Architects, Vripack Yacht Design and Vitters Shipyard.


Today, we are proud to announce that after 11 months of construction, project 3094, has made her first and preliminary splash. Vitters Shipyard has subcontracted the hull to ‘Jacht- en Scheepswerf Gouwerok’ in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. In the upcoming days the hull will be transported to the outfitting facilities of Vitters Shipyard. For this classic sketch Dykstra Naval Architects is responsible for the naval architecture where Vripack took on the challenge for the exterior and interior styling.

Soon entering the next phase for Vitters Shipyard when Project Zero will reach the, so called, hotwork free milestone (finishing of the welding work) after which the outfitting of this groundbreaking yacht will continue.

Throughout the project numerous important milestones will pass on all levels of the development, which will be captured and shared with the general public. In line with Foundation⁰’s mission, all data will be made available through open source, to those who are interested and for all to benefit from. Ultimately contributing to positive impact by changing the maritime industry.

It starts with imagining what is possible.