Jaktar 30 Vripack design

Jaktar J-30

Engineered for Exploration

Inspired by coastal adventures in the Far North, the Jaktar J-30 is a boat that delivers uncompromising cruising. Built for performance and comfort in the toughest conditions, it’s a warrior of the seas.


For a boat to be capable of putting adventure first, it requires stamina, versatile engineering and carefully considered design. The Jaktar J-30 has that in abundance. Hand-built from marine-grade aluminium and extensively tested throughout the production process, it’s an ocean going warhorse that balances functional performance with beautiful, elegant aesthetics.


The brief was simple; to be ready to go anywhere, at any time. At just 9.69m in length the Jaktar J-30 lends itself to an expedition boat, fishing boat and family weekend leisure vessel. A maximum beam of 2.55m allows it to be towed on a trailer to any coastline in the world. The forefoot bow enables smooth turns at high speeds. And its Scandinavian minimalist chic aesthetic is underpinned by Vripack’s Dutch expertise.


Jaktar 30 Vripack design

“This compact explorer packs a powerful punch while cradling its guests in comfort and safety. Independent in its capability yet well-suited to complement a larger yacht set up, the Jaktar 30 is the utility knife of boats.”


Jaktar 30 Vripack design

With a relentless desire to explore, competence sits at the fore of the Jaktar J-30. Engineered from scratch – right down to the cleats – it’s been fully imagined from the seabed up. A twin-engine set gives combined power up to 600hp. Set-back engine brackets provide enhanced control and velocity. And a maximum speed of 46 knots delivers front row Exhilaration to all eight passengers.


The Jaktar J-30 is a rapid cruiser, but equally a solid and comfortable ride. The all-welded design affords a safe and stable experience in all conditions, from lake to river to ocean. Responsive manoeuvring, economic fuel usage and panoramic windows on its contemporary 90-degree sides gift shelter and vistas. Ideal for families, adored by explorers.



Current name Jaktar J-30
Design number 7546
Length 9.69
Beam 2.55
Draft 0,60
Designer Vripack
Naval Architect Vripack
Structural Engineering Vripack
Mechanical Engineering Vripack
Interior Design Vripack
Interior Engineering Vripack
Yard Jaktar
Type of vessel
Hull type Planing
Material Aluminium
Classification C-Coastal
Engine 2x 225 Hp or 2x 300 Hp
Speed (cruising/max) 32  – 46 kts
Fuel capacity 790 liter
Freshwater capacity 70 liter
Grey / black water capacity 40 liter
Owner & Guest 8 persons

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