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The Birth of an Icon

The World’s response to the sheer beauty and stunning performance of the Wajer 38 confirmed the team’s hope of creating a design icon.

As with the making of any meticulously crafted object, the finer the crafting, the harder the going gets. Measuring just 38 feet from bow to stern, the Wajer is a s fine as they come. The family-owned firm of Wajer Yachts was still in its first generation as boat builders when they dropped by the Vripack studio and painted a vivid picture of their ideal dayboat, which they envisaged not looking out of place moored alongside a classic Riva.

Wajer were already renowned for their impeccable luxury sloops and their exacting standards with respect to a boat’s finish and the new dayboat would need to surpass that level of appreciation on every possible measure.


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‘Her classic lofted sheer and sensuously rounded stern are recognisable even at a distance, but it is up close that the extent of her magnificence becomes apparent.’


Vripack - yacht design - Wajer 38 - 1 - 01

Vripack’s first design was summarily rejected. As was the second, and the third, at which point, it became patently clear to the team that they were facing one of their biggest design challenges to date. Everything about boat design was up for discussion, including the question of how one goes about designing an icon. Was it even realistic to set out to do so? What sort of lines please the eye to such degree that tearing one’s gaze away becomes a struggle? A young boy gazing out to sea should dream of one day sailing out on it in his Wajer, felt the team.

By now nearly everyone in the studio was working on the project. While the designers pored over every facet of the design with the level of attention normally associated with diamond cutters, the naval architects were rising to a challenge of their own, namely to create the first-ever European-built boat with a handling experience like no other, particularly when docking. After months of overtime, the Wajer, now spotting a finely balanced composite-moulded hull, was ready for its unveiling. Such was its splendour that when the black silk cloth was shipped off to reveal the scale model of this masterpiece, the mix of awed silence and gasps from the selected audience spoke more eloquently than worlds.

The world’s response to the sheer beauty and stunning performance of the full sized version confirmed the team’s hope of creating a design icon, and that slowly became her accepted designation. Fans and critics alike rave about her performance, which they liken to having the acceleration of a sports car but without the associated issue of pitching, or dynamic trim, resulting in a safe and comfortable experience for all on board. Her classically lofted sheer and sensuously rounded stern are recognisable even at a distance, but it is up close that the extend of her magnificence becomes apparent.


‘She’s the BMW 5 Series of yacht technology, the Porsche of performance and the Rolls-Royce of quality all rolled into one’.



Current name Gamma 38
Type of vessel Planing Motor Yacht
Design number 6697
Year of built 2013
Length 11.30 m
Beam 3.76 m
Draft 0.97 m
Designer Vripack
Naval Architect Vripack
Structural Engineering Vripack
Mechanical Engineering Vripack
Interior Design Vripack
Interior Engineering Vripack
Builder Wajer Yachts
Hull type Deep V-Planing Deadrise 18°
Material G.R.P.
Classification CE Approved B Category
Engine 2x Volvo D4-DP 301HP Diesel IPS 350
Speed (cruising/max) 25 / 45 kts
Fuel capacity 1,050 ltrs
Fresh water capacity  180 ltrs
Grey / black water capacity 100 ltrs
Owner & Guest 14 persons